Screen Golf

More people are enjoying the interior screen golf

and more screen golf shops have been opened with “GOLF WING’ as follows

: 140 shops in Korea, 15 shops in Japan, 23 shops in China, 2 shops in Vietnam

and many people are contacting us for new business.


Why don’t you consider new business or being our agent ?

* Suggestion Letter(below)

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* Reference Video(below)

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* PPT is available according to your request.

■ Main Character of 'GOLF WING’ screen golf

  ☞ Exact expression of hit ball

     : Thanks to 32bit micom sensor, calculation by 1/10,000 sec. is available

and analysis on the movement of ball is possible.


  ☞ Full HD graphic like real field

     : High quality 3D graphic engine enable you to feel rounding in the real field


  ☞ Easy and simple working

     : With user centered system, every user can operate 'GOLF WING’ easily.


  ☞ Multi-language

     : It can be enjoyed with also Japanese, Chinese and English.


■ Core Technologies of ‘GOLF WING’ screen golf

  1. Accurate sensing on hit ball almost same as real game

               : can calculate accurate movement by analysis on hit ball based on

actual movement and sensing on driving distance, 9 characters of ball.


  2. Perfect graphic with full 3D

     : With Full 3D graphic engine, we make users to feel like playing on the real field

     therefore users can sense upper and down space of each course.


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